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David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad." He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade.

Any Tips on What This Underwear Ad Means With Its ‘Turtlenecks’ Metaphor?


Let’s cut to the chase: This is an ad about circumcision. Why is this spot for Australian underwear brand Bonds about circumcision? Ostensibly, it’s because their underwear is comfortable for [...]

John Stamos Will Knit You a Scarf If Geico’s Savings Aren’t Enough for You

Ad of the Day

He joins Idina Menzel and DJ Khaled in Martin Agency's campaign about truly personal service.

nathan young

Nathan Young Steps Down as President of Diversity Advocacy Group 600 & Rising

Diversity & Inclusion

After divisive comments on Twitter, the organization will shift to a "bottom-up structure."

Apple Brilliantly Imagines a Parallel Universe Where Hollywood Always Used Vertical Video

Ad of the Day

La La Land's Damien Chazelle directs a 9-minute celebration of a long-maligned format.

What’s Going on With TikTok? Here’s a Quick Podcast Primer

Adweek Podcasts

How a fun video platform became a political lightning rod that Trump threatened to ban.

Audi Apologizes for Ad’s ‘Insensitive Image’ and Says It Will Investigate How It Happened


Critics say the photograph was evocative of accidents involving children.

With Poetic Optimism for the Future, Coca-Cola Returns After Months Away From Advertising

Ad of the Day

Open Like Never Before campaign from 72andSunny Amsterdam asks how the lockdown will have changed us.

Image from Halo: Infinite

Inside the Cinematic, Incredibly Detailed Rebirth of Halo Marketing

Ad of the Day

Joining forces with the creators of Westworld's intro, Microsoft and 215 McCann ask gamers to 'Step Inside.'

Trump Ad About ‘Chaos’ in U.S. Actually Used Photo From Pro-Democracy Rally in Ukraine


The 2014 image showed clashes that became a revolution, ousting Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovych.

Apple’s New Ads Capture the Creative Processes of James Blake, Samin Nosrat and More

Ad of the Day

"Behind the Mac" campaign lets you watch a song, art, architecture and a recipe come together.

Here Are the 2,085 Agencies That Received PPP Loans of $150,000 or More

Adapting to Crisis

The Paycheck Protection Program helped retain 67,000 jobs, according to the recipients.

Stone’s Upside-Down Labels Aren’t a Mistake. They’re the Brewer’s First Ad Campaign

Packaging Design

The company's eye-catching stunt highlights a culture of trial and error.

Woman with AirPods looking at camera

Apple Just Made the Definitive Ad About Working From Home, and It’s Hilarious

Ad of the Day

The team from 2019's "Underdogs" is back on a new project. The deadline? Tight. The budget? Slashed. Do they have a remote chance?

No, Popeyes Isn’t Making Pizza. In Fact, It Wants to Intercept Your Pizza Order

Food & Beverage

The chain's new stunt from Gut offers to trade family chicken combos for pizzas.

Finally, a Nice Surprise in 2020: Rian Johnson Just Directed an Ad for Pokémon Go

Ad of the Day

The Star Wars and Knives Out director helmed a spot for Pokémon GO Fest 2020.