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Emmy Liederman

Emmy is an Adweek staff writer covering ecommerce. Emmy is a 2021 graduate of The College of New Jersey with a major in journalism and minors in Spanish and broadcast journalism. For Adweek, Emmy reports on the people, brands, technology and services in the evolving ecommerce space.

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Dunkin’ Taps Maria Menounos To Kick Off a Live Social Media Series

Food & Beverage

The entertainer worked at the coffee company before her claim to fame.

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How Brands Are Grappling With TikTok’s Comment Section

Performance Marketing

Brands may be worried about negative feedback, but disabling the feature might do more harm than good.

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Nordstrom Makes a Play for Young Consumers


The retailer has acquired minority stake in Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT brands.

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Skittles Just Introduced the World’s First Sanctuary for Gummi Animals

Food & Beverage

The brand is promoting its new candy by guilt-tripping anyone who supports the competitors.

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Instagram Shopping’s Meghana Dhar Wants Creators to Embrace Informal Selling


Livestreaming is imperfect, which is why it drives brand authenticity.

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JanSport Taps TikTok Talent to Star in a Gen Z-Inspired Comedy Series


'Disorientation' is a four-part comedy special that addresses relatable anxieties about the upcoming school year.

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PepsiCo and Regal Cinemas Want to Bring Back the Joy of Going to the Movies


The theater chain switched to Coke's competitor right before the pandemic hit.

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Away Wants Americans To Celebrate Independence Day By Fleeing The Country

Travel & Transportation

The travel brand's message will run in The New York Times on July 4th.

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This Viral Beer Poster Trend Shows Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to TikTok

Beer, Spirits & Cannabis

Alcohol brands are banned from the app, but users are reimagining booze ads with their own beach photos and pasting logos throughout the platform.

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Kraft Heinz Is Using Walmart Cookshop to Embrace Shoppable Technology


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