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Erik Wander is the digital features editor at Adweek where he oversees Adweek's Story Desk.

Research shows an ambivalence towards brands leaning into politics.

Infographic: Consumers Aren’t Sure They Want Brands to Get Political

Data Points

Nearly half can’t say whether they’d switch over opposing views.

A Month-by-Month Look at the Most Engaging Brand Content on Social Media in 2018


These 24 marketing moves paid off, from Burger King to Harley Davidson.

Infographic: What Businesses and Marketers Can Expect Entering an Era of Massive Disruption

Brand Marketing

What's the future of digital transformation?

Infographic: Digital Transformation Is Critical for B-to-B Companies. Here’s How They’re Doing


Buyers are turning to ecommerce, but sellers are still falling short.

Infographic: CMOs Are Leading the Charge as Customer Experience Increasingly Requires Collaboration


Traditional CX is no longer enough to satisfy consumers.

Infographic: Has Mar Tech Paid Off for Marketers?

Brand Marketing

Nearly 70 percent of marketers are turning to mar tech to increase ROI, and half are doing so to improve efficiency.

Infographic: Design Thinking Is Improving Customer Experience and Getting Results for Brands


It’s also positively affecting creativity and the workplace.

Infographic: What Consumers Expect of Brands When It Comes to Issues They Care About

Brand Marketing

Purpose matters to customers.

Infographic: What Marketers Need to Know About Changing Customer Service Expectations

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Consumers are demanding multichannel options that are easier to use.

Infographic: How Brands Struggle Internally to Adapt to Digital

Digital Transformation

Will 2018 be the year CMOs demand a new operating model?

Infographic: How Much Privacy People Will Give Up for Personalized Experiences


There's a trade-off between hyper-relevance and trust.

Infographic: How Marketers Think AI Is Going to Affect the Industry

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Eight in 10 business-to-business marketing executives believe AI is poised to "revolutionize" the marketing industry by 2020.

Infographic: How Millennial and Gen Z Women Shop When They Want to Splurge

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Here's what women ages ages 14 to 36 are buying as 'investment purchases.'

Not Nearly as Many Millennials Are Planning to Shop in Stores This Black Friday as in 2015


And buying on mobile devices continues to grow.

Infographic: Shoppers Are Researching Online Before Buying In-store, and Vice Versa

Brand Marketing

Reaching the ‘omnishopper’ takes a cross-channel marketing strategy.