Portrait of Gian LaVecchia

Gian LaVecchia

Gian LaVecchia is head of agency development and partnerships at Teads.TV

How Brands Can Tap Into Hive Mind Mentalities for New Sources of Inspiration

Brand Marketing

Collective inspiration must be balanced with creative distinction.

Why Location Intelligence Is Mobile Marketing’s AR Opportunity


One year after Pokémon Go changed AR's profile with brand marketers forever, there are still opportunities left untapped when it comes to location-based marketing.

Virtual Reality Is Becoming the Next Great Storytelling Canvas

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The culture gap between marketers and today's progressive new media consumer continues to expand in ways that suggest the current era of radical behavioral disruption is far from over. Today's [...]

Is Your Media Agency Operating at the Speed of Culture?

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We've all become quite comfortable acknowledging what's now a widely adopted common truth—the velocity of change in modern media culture is so fundamentally disruptive that adapting to the shift is [...]