Portrait of Greg Paull

Greg Paull

Greg Paull is the principal and co-founder of R3.

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What Is FOFO and Do You Have It?


Inside the psychological barrier with worries within your marketing team. Embrace your fear about breaking models and restructuring.

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What Marketers Can Learn From Chinese Brands’ Approach to Covid-19


The power of digital technology is key in marketing during Covid-19.


What’s Next for Advertisers, Ad Tech and Publishers in a Cookie-Free World?


Google’s plan to eliminate third-party cookies is forcing a maneuvering.

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Understanding ROI Behind the Live Streaming of Esports


And where to set KPIs so marketers can reap those benefits.

3 Ways CMOs Can Keep Up in an Ever-Changing Digital World

Brand Marketing

Disruption happens fast, and they need to adapt quickly.