Janet Stilson

Janet Stilson is a freelance writer for Adweek.

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How These 3 Brands Are Using Chatbots to Forge Stronger Relationships With Consumer

Emerging Tech

This emerging tech allows organizations to informally solve issues.

Lululemon Morphs Into a Gym as Retailers With Experiences Sell

Why Younger Consumers Are Hitting Retail Locations Rather Than Shopping Digitally


Retail brands are trying to appeal to millennials and Gen Z

How a Creative Studio Brought Elton John’s Career to Life in Virtual Reality

Emerging Tech

Spinifex Group explains the strategy behind his farewell tour kickoff.

True-Crime Fanatic Michelle Nguyen Kills It in the Branding World


Meet the co-founder and CCO of creative and production studio Salty Studios.

The&Partnership Makes The Wall Street Journal Less ‘Male, Pale and Yale’


The&Partnership's work has helped reverse a 7-year subscription sales decline at The Wall Street Journal.

This Creative Shop Focuses on Women Over 40, a Group Advertising Often Ignores


Fancy wants to subvert marketing stereotypes.

This Refinery29 Co-founder Is No Stranger to Leaps of Faith


The digital media company wasn't Christene Barberich's first bold move—and it won't be her last.

Obviously Caters to Its Clients With an Army of Influencers


Half a million popular people help this shop give brands an extra edge.

Design Army Puts Visual Storytelling Above All Else


Picking clients very carefully is key to this D.C. agency.

Why CBD Marketers Are Turning to Endorsements to Get Their Message Out


The tactic is proving to be effective in promoting the non-intoxicating products

Pro Video Gaming Is Exploding in Popularity, and Activision Created an Overwatch League to Cash In


And it's basing teams in cities, like the NFL and MLB do.

Will Marketers Buy In to Google Preferred’s New Preroll Offering?


For YouTube, less will be more.

Why Marijuana Marketing Will Be Bigger Than Ever This Year


The cannabis business had some big wins during this year's election. Now, that's stimulating predictions of major greenback growth along with ever-more sophisticated marketing strategies on the part of cannabis [...]

Why Presidential Candidates Are Loading Up on Ads About Equal Pay and Abortion

Brand Marketing

When Donald Trump and Fox News' Megyn Kelly butted heads at the first GOP debate last August, it was the prelude to what would become a dominant topic in this [...]

What It Means for Consumers and Brands That New York Is Becoming a ‘Smart City’


On a sunny January day, a young mother strolled along New York's West 107th Street, explaining a strange phenomenon to her son. Before cellphones, there used to be these things [...]