Portrait of Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg is the former media and tech editor at Adweek.

There are pockets of light in these gloomy times.

The Media Industry’s Gray Tuesday


Every day, in the Age of Coronavirus, is Tuesday. 

Julia Beizer

How I Keep My Balance: Bloomberg’s Julia Beizer


As part of our How I Keep Myself Balanced series, Julia Beizer allowed us into her home—via a Zoom chat—to talk about how she’s managing her team, and herself, during [...]

carolyn everson

How I Keep My Balance: Facebook’s Carolyn Everson


"I hope that we will think about our time and work a little differently coming out of this, and not just go right back to the way we were."

a phone showing a coronavirus alert

The Publisher’s Paradox: Clicks Are Up, but Not Ad Revenue


News sites can't monetize huge interest in coronavirus stories.

a person handing money to a computer screen

With Handshakes on Hold, Media Ad Sales Teams Must Navigate a New World Order

Marketing Innovation

Ad sales teams are quickly reinventing their processes, if not their whole way of operating.

illustration of employees in a tech workplace

How Media Companies Are Deciding Employee Policies in the Age of Coronavirus

Publishers & Platforms

Executives across the media landscape are trying to figure out how to keep employees safe but also keep their businesses running.

a computer with a bunch of hands coming out of it holding money bags, clocks, tools, paper

Pornhub Reports an Increase in Traffic as More People Self-Quarantine


Pornhub has seen a spike in traffic as more users work remotely in an effort to self-quarantine during COVID-19.

the new york times office

New York Times Magazine Changes Process Due to Coronavirus


Publication is developing work-from-home contingency plans.

lydia polgreen

Lydia Polgreen Steps Down as Editor in Chief of HuffPost

Publishers & Platforms

Lydia Polgreen, the editor in chief of HuffPost, announced today she will be stepping down from her role later this month.