Kelsey Sutton

Kelsey Sutton

The Porn Industry Continues to Push Tech Forward as We Look Toward VR Advancements

The adult industry has been nothing but good for emerging technology.

Can Porn Save VR?

If history is any guide, the adult industry's investments could benefit device-makers.

TikTok Is Recruiting College Students to Entice New Users

The social media site hired 'campus talent ambassadors' during spring semester.

Uber Files Highly Anticipated IPO

The company will trade on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker UBER.

YouTube’s Comments Section Is a Cesspool, but Advertisers Aren’t Going Anywhere

Agencies agree the platform hasn’t gotten bad enough to leave.

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What Will Breaking Up Big Tech Take—and Could It Spell Disaster for Marketers?

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Vimeo’s Kathleen Barrett on How Subscriptions Have Fostered Opportunities for Creators and Fans

The platform's svp of enterprise focuses on the business of providing video distribution tools.

Facebook Bans Canadian White Nationalist Groups and Pages After Backlash

The ban will affect 4 far-right white nationalist groups and 2 far-right figures, the platform said.

Facebook’s Automated Systems Skew Ad Delivery Based on Race, Gender

Study finds the site served housing, employment ads to different groups even when targeting parameters were identical.