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Ko Im

Ko Im is the community editor at Adweek and co-host of Adweek's podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad. A former national TV correspondent and trending web host, she was an award-winning branded content producer. The Columbia Journalism graduate also wrote and narrated an ememoir for millennials.

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Talking TV Ratings and Trump on Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad

Adweek Podcasts

The lucrative business of politics with TV Newser's A.J. Katz on Adweek's podcast.


Listener Q&A on Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad’s 200th Episode


We answer listener questions on the 200th episode of the Adweek flagship podcast.

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Adweek Podcast: Ocean Spray’s Dreamy Timing on the Dreams TikTok

Adweek Podcasts

How Ocean Spray timed its response to the viral Dreams TikTok.

Hello products

How DTC Brand Hello Created a Friendly Toothpaste

Marketing Innovation

Founder Craig Dubitsky on maintaining its relevance and having fun with holding company Colgate.

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Verizon Looks Back at 6 Months of Communication Through Crisis

Adapting to Crisis

Bringing Covid-based messaging and brand safety to the masses.


How IBM Champions a Customer-Driven Culture in a Time of Crisis

Adapting to Crisis

Right now, brands must think about the customer journey.

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How Land O’Lakes Saw Success With Data Innovation

Marketing Innovation

Agricultural subsidiary Purina Mills looks to Datorama to help with alignment and optimization.

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Adweek Podcast: Getting Creative With Your Career

Adweek Podcasts

Talking talent on Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.


Adweek Podcast: Previewing Brandweek and Fall TV

Adweek Podcasts

How this September will be very different from what we're used to on this week's Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.

Adweek Together: The Future of Thought Leadership

Adweek Together

LinkedIn's Ty Heath talks about how marketers can cultivate influence.

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Adweek Podcast: Honoring the Women Founders of #BLM

Adweek Podcasts

Honoring the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement On Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.

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Adweek Together: The Future of Cannabis

Adweek Together

Curaleaf's CMO on addressing stigma and taking a stand on social justice issues.


Adweek Podcast: Talking With Gen Z

Adweek Podcasts

On the latest episode of Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.

Adweek Together: The Future of Entrepreneurship

Adweek Together

Kim Kaupe, founder of The Superfan Company, discusses virtual brand building.

Adweek Together: The Future of Live Events

Adweek Together

Steve Aoki joins Adweek Together with Ko Im.