Portrait of Lizz Kannenberg

Lizz Kannenberg

Lizz Kannenberg is the director of content at Sprout Social.

3 Ways to Break Through the Social Noise and Shape a Strategy That Resonates With Audiences

Brand Marketing

It leads to an increase in consumer loyalty.

For Maximum Influencer Impact, You Might Need to Think Small


Opinion: Make it easy for the people who already love your brand to recommend it.

Pound-Sign Politics: What Government Agencies Can Learn From Hashtag Activism


Opinion: While current political conditions have raised Twitter’s visibility in this capacity, the idea that the social platform could be used to spark social movements first emerged in 2011 with [...]

More Than a Pretty Picture: Demystifying Instagram Engagement for Brands


Opinion: Let’s talk about Instagram for a second. With more than 600 million monthly active users who like posts an average of 4.2 billion times every day, you know it’s [...]