Portrait of Marc Stephenson Strachan

Marc Stephenson Strachan

Marc Stephenson Strachan is chairman of ADCOLOR, Inc. and a senior marketing and advertising industry executive. He most recently served as executive vice president and chief client officer of Publicis-Sapient, a role in which he managed an expansive team of senior executive agency leaders to drive client marketing dynamics and corporate revenue.

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Why Political Marketers Need to Focus More on Marginalized Voters


Political marketers need to grasp the reality: the multicultural vote, consisting of ethnic cultures, LGBTQ+ folks and various other factors, is key to win in 2020.

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It’s Time We Overhaul the Industry’s Narrative Around Mental Illness


Too often people suffering are shamed for trying to draw clear boundaries.

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8 Tips to Help Perfect Your Interviewing Game

Adweek's Grad Guide

Opinion: And how you can present yourself in the best light possible.

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