Melissa Jordan

Melissa Jordan is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles.

Famous Movie Posters Just Got Some Social Distance for 2020

Life in Quarantine

Cornett was inspired by Activista's album revisions that split band members apart to a safer distance.

Actor Brian Baumgartner from The Office cooks a pot of chili

The Office’s Brian Baumgartner Is Back to Cooking Chili, This Time With Bush’s Beans


In an homage to a fan-favorite scene featuring klutzy Kevin.

A woman trying to play fetch with a tortoise

Do Dogs Make the Best Pets? Milk-Bone’s New Ads Make a Compelling Case


Alligators, bees and even cats can be overly difficult, the pro-canine brand argues.

An image of the KFC crocs that says Kentucky Fried Chicken X Crocs above
Burgers collide with a subway rider

Postmates Takes Cravings to a Surreal Level With New Campaign From Mother L.A.

Ad of the Day

Oscars spot kicks off "When all you can food is think about."

a group of women sitting around a table

Jonah Hill Creates an Uplifting, A-list Anthem of Creativity for Adidas Originals


Pharrell Williams and many more appear in the ode to how collaboration can spark evolution.

An animated sea turtle looks sadly at the camera

A Sea Turtle Family’s Journey Highlights Habitat Destruction in Aardman’s Touching PSA

Ad of the Day

Greenpeace UK says 6 out of 7 species are threatened with extinction.

Big open sky over a plain

Chaos Battles Calm in UK Ad Promoting the Quiet Connection to Nature


W+K London helps the National Trust celebrate 125 years.

A blonde woman looking off to the side

Sexy Moments Get a Sweet Twist in Match’s Ads About Commitment

Ad of the Day

Agency Marcel creates heartwarming work for European markets.

jonathan van ness getting fizzy with it.

Is ASMR Past Peak With Jonathan Van Ness’s New SodaStream Spot?


Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness joins hundreds of other smooth talkers as he whispers into microphones during the two-minute spot.