Portrait of Nick Gardner

Nick Gardner

  • Nick is a video producer at Adweek and host of the Gen ZEOs podcast.

    Gen Z Talent Manager Jeff Levin on the Future of Content and Commerce

    Adweek Podcasts

    Gen Z would rather see their favorite social media creators instead of A-List Hollywood stars. Jeff Levin has known this for a decade.

    JanSport Aims to ‘Lighten the Load’ for Gen Z With Mental Health Resources

    Marketing Innovation

    Campaign offers live conversations and a series of original films.

    In Times of Crisis, Gen Z Urges ‘Be a Brand, Not Our Best Friend’

    Adweek Podcasts

    Maxine Marcus of The Ambassadors Company on the fine line between being tone deaf and overbearing.

    virus particles floating around by an open laptop

    Covid-19 Is Changing Gen Z Consumer Habits. Here Are 5 Things Marketers Need to Know

    Data & Insights

    Gen Z is shifting its preferences with shopping and changing how it views marketing and the future.

    a chalkboard with drawings on it

    Adweek’s Guide to Professional Video Conferencing at Home


    Does WFH have you feeling like your webcam setup isn't up to snuff?

    The Future In-Car Experience and What It Means for Marketers


    Connected vehicles present a unique opportunity.

    Scanning 500 Million Tweets a Day to Find the Next Big Idea


    Twitter's CES 2020 activation looks back, to the future.

    Demystifying Gen Z: What Do They Look for in a Brand?

    Adweek Video

    With Gen Z, transparency is key.

    Demystifying Gen Z: Are Influencers Their Main Source of Fashion Inspo?

    Adweek Video

    How the next generation of consumers gets their style tips.

    Xandr’s New HQ Mixes Contemporary Design With Historic Charm

    Adweek Video

    The space that's now Xandr's lobby was used as Tom Hanks' loft in the movie Big.