Portrait of Olivia Mannix

Olivia Mannix

  • Olivia Mannix is the founder, CEO and chairman of the board at Cannabrand.

    illustration of a cannabis plant and computer

    Cannabis Marketing Will Grow by Continuously Educating Consumers


    You have to create trust and loyalty for your brand. You get there with transparency.

    A woman is taking a drag from a cannabis cigarette

    A Look Into the Evolution of Language in Cannabis Marketing

    Brand Marketing

    From slang with racist undertones to more scientific, technical terminology.

    A billboard; on the billboard there is a sign that says Cannabis Advertising Here

    Marketing Cannabis Within the Confines of ‘Recreational’ and ‘Medical’

    Brand Marketing

    It’s essential to create a strong brand identity.

    The Secret to Marketing Marijuana Lies With Cannabis Influencers

    Brand Marketing

    While brands can't actively promote through Google, Facebook or Instagram, social media-savvy fans can.