Patrick Kulp

Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter for Adweek. He covers creative innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of 5G, which culminated in a cover story on AT&T and Verizon's strategic plans for 5G. Patrick holds degrees in economics and political Science from UC Santa Barbara. He previously worked as a business Reporter for Mashable.

Chatbots Can Make as Many Sales as Humans

But there's an ethical catch to it, a new study finds.

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This ‘Climate Pen,’ With Ink Made From Carbon Dioxide, Was Just Given to World Leaders

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ImageNet is credited with driving artificial intelligence's current surge. But its generalizations can be crass.

HP Debuts First Personal Computer Made With Ocean-Bound Plastics

The computer giant has recycled more than 1 million pounds of plastic bottles in Haiti.

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Will the Trump Administration Render Access to Free Weather Data a Thing of the Past?

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This Agency Negotiates Contracts for Cartoon Avatars of Celebrities

Bitmoji rival Genies' Avatar Agency is part of a growing category VCs are calling "synthetic media."