Portrait of Randall Rothenberg

Randall Rothenberg

Randall Rothenberg is CEO of Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In the Consumer-Driven Society, Direct-Brand Economy and OTT Lead to Innovation

Brand Marketing

Audience and companies are linked in this age of cutting-edge creative.

5 Digital Video Trends to Watch for at This Year’s NewFronts

Convergent TV

IAB chairman makes the case for the importance of video for brand marketers and outlines what to watch for during the two-week video showcase and marketplace.

Why Digital Video Is the Ultimate Equalizer Among All Media

Convergent TV

The popular media industry narrative has always revolved around a war between worlds. Television and video duking it out for primacy, especially around the NewFronts and upfronts season. Mobile and [...]

As Media Consumption Becomes Liquid Across Platforms, Brands Better Learn How to Surf

Brand Marketing

Today's consumer is crossing screens, jumping between smartphones and laptops and smart TVs, watching short- and long-form video at a steady clip, and consuming news, information and entertainment at a [...]

The Future May Belong to Web and Mobile Video, but TV Will Survive

Convergent TV

Television is dead! Long live television!

Publishers, Agencies Must Shift Their Focus From Big Data to Big Content


Programmatic direct, data aggregators, cross-device tracking, viewability metrics. Take a look at the themes that dominated the advertising media over the past year and you come away with the impression [...]

This Is Why Advertisers Need to Get Serious About Video

Brand Marketing

We are at the brink of a watershed moment in digital video. The Digital Content NewFronts has become an integral part of advertisers’ annual budget planning.

Voice: Cutting Out Complexity

Brand Marketing

Looking back at the last year and looking forward to the next, I’m reminded that many of the world’s biggest brands and companies, such as Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, General Motors and

Voice: West Coast, Meet East Coast

Brand Marketing

This summer, I hosted a trip for Madison Avenue’s digital elite—and Brooklyn’s too—to meet the leaders of Silicon Valley on the tech industry’s Northern California turf.