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Sammy Nickalls

Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer and the former departments editor at Adweek. Previously, she was night editor at Esquire. She's also the creator of #TalkingAboutIt.

PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman is Adweek
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These 4 Visual Trends Will Dominate 2020, According to Adobe Stock


From inclusion and community to radical self expression, these are some of the trends Adobe Stock predicts will dominate 2020.

Burger King’s Surprisingly Political Ad in the U.K. Takes Aim at Brexit


Placed on the side of a red London bus by global creative agency BBH, the ad is simple, but quite direct indeed: "Another Whopper on the side of a bus. [...]

a group of girls eating and throwing popcorn

Consumers Worldwide Are Eating More Snacks Than Meals


Mondelēz International releases first State of Snacking survey.

Infographic: How Brands Can Make Fans of Music Festivalgoers


Data shows there are opportunities for brands to target millennials and Gen Zers attending music festivals.

Consumers trying projects and mobile device

Infographic: Why Reviews Are Essential for Direct-to-Consumer Fashion Brands

Data Points

They should be collecting photos of their products on real customers, too.

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Meet Adobe’s 10 UX Designers to Watch in 2019

Leadership & Talent

The software company highlights talent around the globe with its inaugural list of rising stars in user experience design.

New data from Lab42 shows younger consumers

Infographic: What and Why Millennials and Gen Zers Rent Instead of Buy

Data Points

New data from Lab42 shows a renting trend in the sharing economy.

illustration of a giant orange shopping cart surrounded by products and people

Infographic: Retail Spending Over Time by Vertical and Region

Data Points

A new report provides insights for marketers looking to capitalize where they can.

illustration of people shopping

Infographic: What Brick-and-Mortar Shoppers Care About Most

Data Points

Brands need to know about the consumers in their stores.

Infographic: How Brand Mascot Recognition Has Changed Over Time

Data Points

Vlasic Pickles' stork, Travelocity's gnome and Snuggle's teddy bear are far less recognizable among Gen Zers than baby boomers.

Infographic: Over Half of Consumers Would Pay More for Sustainable Products

Data Points

New data shows brands need to focus on eco-friendliness.

Illustration of consumers and shopping-related imagery.

Infographic: Why Brands Need to Ramp Up Their Shopping-Tech Offerings

Data Points

Over half of consumers believe purchasing via voice will be widely offered within the next year.

Infographic: How Consumers Want Brands to Communicate With Them

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There's a fine line between catering to their preferences and freaking them out.