Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator, and contributor to Adweek.

A Black-Owned Lifestyle Platform Is Reclaiming The Narrative Behind the Phrase ‘Go Back to Africa’

FBC/SIX and travelers show the beauty of the continent.

Swedish Contraception Brand Highlights That There’s No Right Way to React to a Pregnancy Test

The spots illustrate joy, disappointment and shock, because every woman's situation is different.

This U.K. Retailer’s Furniture Is So Stylish, You Just Might Want to Wear It

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A MAGA Hat Is Unraveled for a New Purpose in This Powerful Video of Immigrants’ Stories

Canadian lifestyle brand Peace Collective reassembles a polarizing icon for a different kind of national pride.

Spotify’s RapCaviar Pantheon Tribute Honors Hip-Hop’s Cultural Disruptors

Statues of this year’s honorees include Cardi B. and Jaden Smith.

A New ‘The Wind in the Willows’ Trailer Is Actually a PSA for Protecting the Environment

Creative agency Don't Panic is behind the work.

OkCupid Found a Way to Match Singles Based on Their Love of Game of Thrones

57% of users plan to rewatch the series.

Ikea Wants You to Reach Ultimate Decorating Satisfaction With Its Kåma Sutra

Innuendo reigns in new work from Ogilvy.

F1’s New 3-Second Sonic Branding Is Actually a Chemical Brothers Song Sped to 15,000 BPM

The musical duo sped up their new track to match the 15,000 rpm of a Formula 1 engine.

This Portland Agency Created a Satirical Lifestyle Brand Just for Anti-Vaxxers

Unvaccinated!Life is a destination for the misinformed.