Stuart Feil

Stuart Feil is custom publishing director for Adweek.

This Is How Brands Find NFL Players Who Share Their Interests

For brands looking to take advantage of the NFL’s sponsorship opportunities, the varied and colorful off-the-field interests and talents of NFL players may be just as important.

How to Apply a Left-Brained Approach to Your Team’s Right-Brained Projects

Successful collaboration, unsurprisingly, requires both sides to work together, so that originality and imagination are enhanced by structure and process.

What 8 Brand Storytellers Have to Say About the Content People Want to See

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The 5 Best Waze Campaigns of 2016

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Why Data Is Now the Driving Force Behind Event Marketing Success

In this era of personalized, one-to-one engagement, brands are increasingly turning to experiential and event marketing to create rich, emotional connections with consumers. 

Why CES Is the Most Important Marketing Event of the Year

CES celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and with age comes wisdom—in the form of intelligence that can change how brands and advertisers think about their customers.

Shopper Marketing in the Era of the Connected Consumer

People today seem to be in shopping mode 24/7. While they are still going to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers for the vast majority of purchases (estimated to be between 85-90 percent [...]

Why It’s So Hard to Target Consumers Accurately Across Devices and Channels

Audience targeting is no longer simply about reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. As consumers use more devices and operate across more channels, marketers [...]