Billy Porter and Logo Offer Up an LGBTQ Alternative to the State of the Union Address

'If now is not the time for drama... child, when is?'

billy porter standing at a podium
Billy Porter gave a no holds barred counter to last night's State of the Union address. Viacom

On Tuesday night, President Trump delivered the annual State of the Union address before Congress. Trump took credit for what he called a “blue-collar boom” and generally sharpened his reelection messaging, but all we remember now is Nancy Pelosi standing behind the president ruthlessly tearing up a copy of his speech, page by page—and that shock-jock radio host Rush Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

@MaryEmilyOHara Mary Emily O'Hara is a diversity and inclusion reporter. They specialize in covering LGBTQ+ issues and other underrepresented communities.