A Journalist Inspired by Clark Kent

Mark Ebner recently landed back in his hometown of Providence.

Never mind that Mark Ebner has a tattoo on his left arm that suggests Popeye would be a more logical comics muse.

The West Coast journalist, back home in Rhode Island, spoke with Channel 12’s Will Gilbert, During the conversation, he colorfully recalled one of his earliest professional inspirations:

“I used to watch the Superman show in black and white, growing up as a kid in Providence. I didn’t really go for the guy in the tights and the cape, flying around. I was fascinated with this Clark Kent persona, the news guy, the ink man.”

Ebner also referenced the “Superman building-not Superman building” in downtown Providence. Although the co-creator of Superman was inspired by a Toronto skyscraper, and the one in the TV series mentioned by Ebner was Los Angeles City Hall, there were rumors in the 1950s that the structure at 111 Westminster Street was tapped for The Daily Planet. The building is still referred to today in some circles as the Superman building.

In case you missed it, Ebner wrote a piece last year for The Daily Beast about his early reporting on the transgressions of Bill Cosby. We’re talking 2007.

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