An 18-Wheeler Jumps Over a Racecar in EMC’s Gnarly, Record-Setting Stunt

Do not try this at home, or anywhere else

Data storage and cloud computing company EMC, which sponsors Formula 1 racing, recently sent an 18-wheeler careening over a racecar in an epic, world-record setting jump … because it's awesome.

It's one of those records you have to see to believe because large trucks are not known for their grace, outside of Jean-Claude Van Damme videos, or their jumping capability.

EMC is a technical partner for the Lotus F1 team. And it's made a ton of pretty videos about its role in designing the E22 car that meets the new F1 regulations and the technical services it provides the team. It's pretty good content.

But the big rig jumping over an F1 car? That's been viewed 10 million times in just a few weeks. Not to mention there's a behind-the-scenes video where you learn fun facts like how they gutted the interior of the semi to make sure it wouldn't catch on fire, and get to watch the door fly open on the big rig while the driver, who's in some awesome space-age bungee harness, almost falls out.

You can even see stunt driver, Martin Ivanov, spin the F1 car out after the jump and say it was scary. But also, joy and happiness.

EMC is no stranger to the world record-breaking model of viral advertising. In 2011, it fit 26 people inside a Mini Cooper. In 2013, it sent Parker Liautaud on a record-breaking walk—he became the youngest man to walk unsupported 397 miles to the South Pole.

Neither of those stunts received nearly as many views. I guess it just goes to show that when it comes to world records, not all are created equal.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.