6 Steps for Boosting Creativity in Your Team’s Next Virtual Meeting

As working from home becomes the new normal, don’t let things get monotonous

Business concept illustration of man and woman come out of computer monitor for a handshake
It always helps to have a structure for your brainstorms. Getty Images

Just when you thought you have read every possible piece of working from home (WFH) advice these past few days, allow us to bring you a new acronym: BFH, or brainstorming from home. As teams work from home over the coming weeks, and face-to-face meetings get swapped for video chats, remote working poses a particular challenge for adland. It’s always been challenging to get people in different locations to participate at the same pace and enthusiasm as they do when in the same room. Now, with WFH as the new normal, here are some tips to get the most out of your team brainstorming sessions while working remotely.

James Allen is the svp, head of strategy at Carat U.S.
Sid Gowda is the svp, strategic planning at Carat U.S.