Alaska Airlines spots stuck in the bathroom

WongDoody takes an odd tack for Alaska Airlines in the spot above, set in an airport men's room, with a flustered patron battling malfunctioning automated technology. When flying, airport restrooms are usually the least of one's worries, unless a U.S. senator happens to be lurking in the next stall. And that "butt shot" at the end (the guy has resorted to wiping his hands on the back of his pants) is patently unappealing. The ad below shows airline personnel changing a guy's seat so he doesn't have to sit next to an obnoxious fellow passenger chattering on a cell phone. I say, go with the devil you know. Cell boy just has verbal diarrhea. By changing seats, you could end up wedged against someone with the real thing, or a colicky kid prone to spitting up. Or Sarah Palin. Worst of all, no matter who he sits next to, he may wind up in Alaska! I assume he's heading to the 49th state. If he were returning, he'd be so glad to be leaving that moose-infested wasteland that seating assignments wouldn't matter.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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