All hot and bothered over an ironing board?

I had hoped to make it snugly into my grave without ever having to ask, "Can an ironing board be sexy?" And yet, here we are. Introducing the Homz 360, which, according to the press materials, "has the contours of the human body, so the articles to be ironed have a natural drape." What's more: "Since the ironing board rotates, clothing does not have to be taken off the board and repositioned while ironing. This can reduce ironing time by up to half." The thing has so many features, it's like the iPhone of ironing boards! Can Homz 360 apps be far behind? The clip by the Ungar Group focuses more on abs, mixing images of writhing bodies with product shots. I'm surprised those hormone-crazed hotties don't try doing it on the board—but since it rotates, I guess they'd fall off. The voiceover seems to channel Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas on a really off day. I couldn't make out half the words, so maybe this was revealed as a joke (though I doubt it). Hopefully, someone's keeping an eye on the iron while those kids fool around, or else they're liable to burn the house down.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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