Australian Brewer Diligently Solves All of Your Beer Predicaments

Long hours in the Hahn lab yield amazing results

Break out the beakers, there's a beer blast in the lab! Publicis Mojo's "Pioneering beering" campaign for Australia's Hahn SuperDry was successful last year, and these new iterations—starring doofus researchers Howie and Binkers seeking solutions to "beer predicaments" in the brewer's righteously retro research center—are similarly pleasing concoctions. "Spill-Proof Beer" is the breakout hit, with more than 1 million YouTube views in two weeks and lots of coverage in the blogosbeer. (Ha ha, tipsy wordplay!) You've gotta love the robotic arm that holds a frosty glass of Hahn perfectly still despite some enthusiastically inept disco dancing and pokes from a boxing glove on a pole. Awesome details like the outmoded reel-to-reel tape player cranking out the techno, the clichéd lighted dance-floor tiles and what appears to be a mannequin's leg just lying around (in the lab for some mysterious future experiment?) add to the fun. Hahn takes a somewhat different approach here than last time, eschewing the way-out wackiness of bottle-capping ferrets, heavy-metal drummers and glam bodybuilders (they all worked at the beer plant) for a more restrained but still satisfyingly stupid style. After watching all six new clips, I was thirsty for another round of sudsy fun. More after the jump.

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