Brands find time for usual April Fool’s jokes

April 1 has historically been a great time for brands to have a little fun pranking their customers. Today is no exception. Google is offering two April Fool's hoaxes: Gmail Autopilot, a program that writes your e-mail replies for you; and the world's first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE). After scanning, CADIE created this hilarious page to reflect the likes and dislikes of the unwashed masses. YouTube flipped its videos upside down. Amazon launched a fleet of cloud-computing airships. The Guardian vowed to exclusively publish Tweets. BMW announced its new magnetic tow technology. Microsoft claims to be releasing Alpine Legend, a new Xbox 360 game (video above) that will do for yodeling what Guitar Hero did for rock 'n' roll (plus, you get a jaunty alpine hat). And, of course, you can book rooms on the moon at or flights to Mars through Of course, my faves are the utterly believable ones. Got another example? Share with us in the comments.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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