Canadian ads seek younger organ recyclers

Forget bottles and cans (and clapping your hands), the real cutting-edge area of recycling is organ donation. The Trillium Gift of Life Network of Ontario, Canada, has souped up its marketing efforts with an edgy new campaign to attract younger donors. It includes ads with a recycling symbol dripping with blood and fake sales fliers for internal organs. There's also an interactive Web site,, where a fit young person splays himself open like a Carcass album cover to give us a tour of his innards. There's something very dehumanizing about all this, which is perhaps the point, but the delivery risks overshadowing the message here. Plus, they're basing their visuals on the "spare parts bin" preconception about organ donation that dissuades people from donating in the first place. But at least there are no giant singing maggots, unlike some organ-donation campaigns were could name. And hell, if they want my corneas that badly, they can have 'em. I have keratoconus, so it's not like they're doing me any good.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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