Careful Who You Call #Weaksauce, Warns This Clever Ad for Protective Sportswear

The Butcher plans to make you eat that tweet

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Most gritty sportswear ads celebrate working hard and being your best. Not this one. This spot reminds you that you've made some enemies, and they're coming for you.

Starting today, protective gear brand Unequal and Dallas agency 3Headed Monster are rolling out a campaign called "Coming for You," featuring the intense workout regimens of athletes waiting for their opportunity to break you in half. The spots will air on ESPN and online. 

In the campaign's football-themed ad, we see a player who's taken on the ominous nickname The Butcher since you, the viewer, tweeted to him: "You're so soft, you smell like dryer sheets. #weaksauce #scoreboard." 

Maybe next time keep those observations to yourself, because now he's made revenge his motivation on a scale that would make the Count of Monte Cristo jealous. 

In another, somewhat less vengeance-driven spot, we see a soccer player—Jessica "Gets Even" Stevens—who's been working overtime to be the best, and her path seems aligned to run right through your concussed skull. (Which is why you might want to pick up Unequal's Halo1 soccer headgear.)

In addition to flipping the script on the usual athletic ad that tries to empower the viewer by celebrating your own work ethic, this campaign is also true to brand. Unequal creates protective wear designed from military-grade technology.

For the athletes who enjoy the occasional trash talk (or for their parents), this ad might be a good motivator to pick up some revenge-resistant ballistic gear.


Client: Unequal

Title: Coming For You

Agency: 3headed Monster

Launch Date: 9/6/16

Creative Chairman Shon Rathbone

Copywriter: Ryan Martindale

Art Director: Pete Voehringer

Executive Producer: Nicole Schofield

Account Supervisor: Diana Hershberger

Production Company: Minder

Director: Matt Rainwaters

Director of Photography: Kyle Osburn

Executive Producer: Chris Jennings

Producer: Buttons Pham

Postproduction: Charlie Uniform Tango

Editor: Rodney Demeglio

Assistant Editor: Jose Michelena

Colorist: Allen Robbins

3-D Artist: Connor Adams

Motion Designer: Tramaine Townsend

Sound Engineer: Jake Kluge

Audio Assist: Chris Walker

Postproduction Principal / Ceo Lola Lott

Postproduction Executive Producer: Carrie Holecek

Music: Breed

Creative Director: Brian Flores

Composer: Jason Zaffary

Music Executive Producer: Jon Slott

Music Senior Producer: Kathy Whitbeck


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