Charles Barkley Shows Off His Curves in Drag for Weight Watchers

Punishment for his TNT gaffe?

Now that Sir Charles Barkley isn't fat anymore, he's got way more time to dress in drag. Barkley put on a halter dress and wig for Weight Watchers' upcoming "Lose Like A Man" TV spot—apparently doing his best Jennifer Hudson impression. If Weight Watchers is trying to get men to sign up for the program, putting an athlete they still kind of respect in women's clothes might not be the best way to go about it. It's like they saw that Alicia Keys thing he did two years ago and half-assed a concept from there. Or else it's just punishment for him getting caught calling the Weight Watchers a scam on TNT. Gotta give Barkley his props for being a good sport, though, and this is still better than his other post-retirement habit—thoughtlessly blurting out whatever comes to mind. Full image after the jump. UPDATE: See the finished spot here.

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