Cheryl Hines’ focus group for Vitaminwater

Cheryl Hines is one talented woman. Not only is she an accomplished star of stage and screen, she's a virtuoso when it comes to leading focus groups for Coca-Cola-owned non-carbonated beverages. This is gleaned from the video above, where she adroitly steers a Vitaminwater research session with a female consumer. Her inquiries about shirtless pilates instructors, in particular, reveal brand truths that would be inaccessible otherwise. The video was done on spec by marketing agency Ideocracy. And if Vitaminwater's not interested, maybe Hines has the makings of a sitcom character here. With the axe having fallen both on her show, ABC's In the Motherhood, and on TNT's ad drama Trust Me, the timing could be right.
—Posted by Tim Nudd

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