Cider ad makes big leap for women’s rights

You might think this Dutch ad for Jillz, a new cider made by Heineken, is just a comic and campy romp through nature with four "gorgeous, muscular, apple-plucking hunks." But in fact, it's a total rethink of the human condition as it pertains to the gender wars. This is according to Pink and Poodle, the oddly named ad agency that did the spot. "In advertising for men, seductive females are almost standard issue, whereas male eye candy for women is still somewhat taboo," the press release reads. "This is because the advertising community is still in the firm grip of unrelenting alpha males. In the commercial, which is shot as a music video, the four singing hunks do not address women as the usual stereotypes of housewife, sex kitten, blonde bimbo or business bitch. Instead, the ad aims at a more elementary level of their femininity—the evolutionary instinct to discuss, judge and select attractive men." Good to know. Sometimes these advances in the human spirit sneak up on you!
—Posted by Tim Nudd

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