Clever Outdoor Campaign Lets Fans Pester Sweden’s Soccer Coach on His Daily Commute

Betting site Oddset bought up ads all along his 7-mile walk

Jan Olof "Janne" Andersson will be exposed to 40 targeted messages from fans each day. Oddset and Perfect Fools
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Jan Olof “Janne” Andersson has a nice, relaxing walk to work each day, strolling for 2 hours from his home on Lidingö Island to his office at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

With the World Cup rapidly approaching, that time might be useful for clearing his head and planning his team’s strategy for the epic global showdown. But instead, his commute has become a gauntlet of armchair experts sharing their advice via outdoor ads along his route.

Stockholm-based agency Perfect Fools created “The Janne Walk” for client Oddset, a Swedish betting company that bought up ads along Andersson’s daily commute and will be choosing 40 messages a day—from hundreds anticipated to be submitted online—targeted at an audience of exactly one.

“Everyone in Sweden thinks they can do Janne’s job,” says Klas Lusth, executive creative director at Perfect Fools. “So we thought we’d give them the opportunity to influence his strategy and tactics

Agency Visual Art handled the digital ad placements, which have already included submissions from a wide range of opinionated Swedes, including the national team’s center-back defender Pontus Jansson, who had this helpful suggestion for the coach: “Ponne should play up front.”

As you might imagine—or at least hope—the submissions will be screened for unacceptable language. But that doesn’t mean it’ll make Andersson’s daily hike a proverbial walk in the park.

So how does the coach feel about all this?

“I know there are plenty of national team coaches all over Sweden. I have major respect for that and think it’s great that people get involved and have their views,” he says in a release about the campaign. “And they are more than welcome to send me their tips.”

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