Courtney Stodden Stars in Worst Ad of 2012 So Far

Plays a mermaid in parody spot

[Note: This is not a real ad. See update below.]

     Jezebel's writers can be a little overly sensitive, but they're right to heap abuse on this Courtney Stodden ad for, because it's just aggressively stupid. The "I'm so wet" line makes no sense, which the article points out. Plus, how do you even catch a mermaid with a fish hook. Plus, Stodden doesn't turn 18 until August, meaning the natural reaction male viewers might have is still technically a felony. That didn't stop her chickenhawk husband, of course (incidentally, he was the weaselly prison guard in The Green Mile), but it still sent a horrible douche chill up my spine. This ad makes GoDaddy look upscale.

     UPDATE: tells AdFreak in a statement: "Ms. Stodden's video is a parody on an assignment that initiated with PopTent. While we appreciate Ms. Stodden's enthusiasm and interpretation of the assignment, had no involvement in the creation or funding of her video, nor was her video approved by" David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.
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