Credit scores pee on the rug, hump your leg

The folks at The Martin Agency, who created the inanimate wad-of-bills Kash character for Geico, are now portraying credit scores as shaggy, growling canines in a new campaign for Kash never blinks a googly-eye, but these credit scores are darn feisty. Only FreeCreditReport can housebreak these puppies! Though silly in the extreme, the approach fairly accurately captures how it feels to be dogged (ha!) by numbers that can be tricky to manage or even understand. Does this mean the client has retired its signature struggling-band spots? “No way,” says vp of advertising Mark Hriciga. “You’ll definitely see more of them. Think of it like they’re in the studio working on their next album and the tour dates will be announced soon.” It’s good to see the wanna-be rockers finally getting some credit.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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