Cricket ad doesn’t show Aretha any respect

Some songs should never be remade for commercials, or for any reason. "Respect" falls into that category. Yes, the famous version by Aretha Franklin is itself, technically, a remake. But let's not split hairs: The song belongs forever to the Queen of Soul. I'm sure Jessica Sanchez does the best she can with the vocals in this Element 79 spot for Cricket Wireless. But her effort sounds lacking to my ear. What's worse, she prances across the dinner table like a cast-off from America's Got Talent—which in fact she is. Get off the table! People eat off that table! And what's up with Dad? It looks like he's flashing back to Jimi playing Monterey. Snap out of it, Pops, and take that bratty kid's phone privileges away.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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