Dave & Buster’s loads of fun for little people

Some might take offense at Merkley's first work for Dave & Buster's, which shows patrons interacting with miniature versions of themselves who are supposed to represent the "fun" trapped inside them. Personifying fun is fine, but why go the Mini-Me route? At the restaurant, you could trip over one of them and break an arm or a leg. And they're all but guaranteed to come up a little short on the bill. All un-P.C. kidding aside, and even overlooking the height issue, this first spot in the campaign has problems. The actors' deliveries seem stilted and rushed. And does the mini-chick really need extra time to prepare for a night out at some high-tech sports bar? If that's Romeo's favorite place to take his dates, maybe the woman should play the field. I'm only 5-foot-4 in heels, and if I really wanted to "Feed my fun," Dave & Buster's wouldn't be on the dance card. OK, I'm 5-foot-3 in heels. Not that I wear heels. Much.
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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