Demi Lovato Tries to Find the Right Balance in These Cheeky Spots for Core

The singer is 'sorry not sorry' for juggling all aspects of her life

Demi Lovato is one of the brand’s initial investors after discovering Core in 2015. Core
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Core today announced the launch of its “Finding Balance With Demi Lovato” campaign, a series of spots featuring the songstress as two different versions of herself, who balance each other out.

Demi Lovato was one of the company's initial investors in 2015.

The cheeky spots feature an in-depth look at how Lovato balances all aspects of her life between building her empire, staying in shape and finding time for love. Most importantly, Lovato is “sorry not sorry” (a play on her hit single) for trying to have it all. The campaign extends to digital, retail media and out-of-home ads.

Like the title of her hit single, Lovato is 'sorry not sorry' about trying to have it all.

“A balanced body performs better, which is why Core offers perfectly pH balanced water that works in harmony with the body’s natural pH levels and inspires fans to find balance in an unbalanced world,” according to a statement by the company.

After three years in business, Core has made $200 million in retail sales and was recognized as a brand with billion dollar potential by Goldman Sachs, according to the statement. The Grammy-nominated singer became one of the brand’s initial investors in 2015.

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