Demi Moore Gets Her Old Young Face Back in Helena Rubinstein Ads

Another Photoshop travesty

Photoshopping in fashion ads is something that gets bloggers foaming at the mouth every time they see it. And while it's probably something we all need to get over, Demi Moore's ads for Helena Rubinstein cosmetics are altered blatantly enough to be considered a personal affront. The Hollywood Reporter said the ads turn her into "a Madame Tussauds wax figure," but that doesn't cover it. They didn't just blur a few wrinkles—they washed out her skin tone. Even if Demi didn't just enter rehab looking like an underfed cigar store Indian, the transformation in the ads would be jarring, and won't help her obvious body-image issues. Jezebel's response to the ads, oddly enough, is the best so far, noting that "when we look at these images, it's hard to see a beautiful woman—the … alteration gets in the way." Exactly. More images after the jump.

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