Dogs Sniff Out Herpes and Other STIs in This Amusingly Gross Mockumentary

Luckily, there's a better way

Next time a dog comes up to you and starts sniffing a little too close, it could be time to panic. He or she might be smelling your sexually transmitted infection.

This mockumentary short for Randox Laboratories shows a team of pooches using their fine-tuned sense of smell to detect herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted infections. Then they send the dogs out for a night on the town with a squad of officers to find diseased patrons prowling the streets and hitting on unsuspecting people in clubs. (The video, while safe for work, does have a hilarious scene of a retriever fetching a dildo, so you've been warned.)

Of course, canines haven't actually been trained to sniff out STIs, so next time Baxter runs toward your business, you can pet him with ease. The clever gag ends with a pitch for Randox Laboratories' Confidante, a home STI testing kit for those who would prefer to "check their privates in private."

However, dogs' noses are so finely tuned that they can sniff out some diseases, including certain types of cancer. So it isn't entirely farfetched that this could be a reality in future. 


Creative Agency: Langland

Director: Chaplin & Forbes

DOP: Benedict Spence

Producers: Claire Jones, Nigel Foster

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