‘Don’t Catch and Drive,’ Says Esurance and Its Fun Cast of Car-Crash Pokemon

Watch out for Fenderbendix

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For all you Pokemon Go players out there, there's a bunch of new Pokemon wandering the busy streets. But they're not ones you'll want to catch. 

Esurance and agency Leo Burnett imagined some new Pokemon characters for its "Don't Catch and Drive" campaign, reminding motorists not to play the distracting smartphone game between the wheel.

You can walk and catch, or drive and not catch, but driving and catching together can lead to disastrous results—like running into the unfortunately not-very-rare Fenderbendix. 

Esurance took a 3-D model of the Fenderbendix to a busy Chicago street and caused a bit of a dramatic scene by staging a car accident involving a hot dog stand—or so it would seem. The Fenderbendix, a weird green being with long arms, was also present, painted as the cause of the accident.

Take a look at the stunt here:

And below, see the other fake Pokemon characters from the campaign: 

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