Euro ads wild, woolly for Chicago magazine

Euro RSCG's ads for Newcity magazine attempt to portray the Chicago weekly as a free-thinking alternative news source for folks who wish to be "unassimilated" from the mainstream. This might have been a better approach 10 years ago, before the Web and mobile media were hyper-ubiquitous and put myriad news sources at everyone's fingertips. Also, the images of a guy shearing sheep's wool off his leg ("Reject the herd mentality") and a woman tearing off her face ("Emerge from the ordinary") are a tad off-putting and actually kind of conformist. (Woolly legs and masks are the truly rebellious way to go, particularly at work.) Besides, the way print media is headed in Chicago and elsewhere, Newcity won't have to worry about the competition much longer—provided it can itself survive.
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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