Fake Batman Dances to Fake Michael Jackson in Tire Ad That’s Ludicrously Real

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Usually if something sounds too good to be true, you can bet dollars to doughnuts there's going to be a catch. Well, what if I told you there's an ad featuring an Irish dude dressed in a homemade Batman costume busting moves to a karaoke track of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" in a shop that sells fancy tire rims?

"Aww, hell no, Alfred! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," you'd say.

Well, lo and behold, fake Irish "Billie Jean" Batman.

In the ad below, for Kingdom Alloys, an Irish purveyor of alloy tire rims, this joker dances around and air-humps to a slightly off karaoke version of MJ's classic track. The punch line/tagline borrows the lyric "Don't think twice," which appears on-screen as the fake caped crusader stops dancing and turns away, leaving us wishing for more. 

At the risk of tossing some guano in the punch bowl, it's hard to imagine DC Comics liking this as much as we did. The advertiser knows this, saying in the YouTube description: "Our Look-alike character is dressed in a custom 'fan-made' Costume, to resemble that of the film version. We are NOT affiliated with, DC comics or any other entertainment company or their affiliates. The music used is a 'fan-made karaoke' version to resemble that of the real version of the track. We are NOT affiliated to any music entity or label."

So, take a look at the most absurd minute of advertising you'll see today before it gets cleansed from the Internet. UPDATE: Sure enough, it's gone from YouTube … but we have our own copy.

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