Foodies Rejoice, W+K Is Back With Its Latest Mind-Blowing Lurpak Ad

Don't just watch people cook. Do it yourself!

Headshot of Kristina Monllos

If you really love food, then you should probably be cooking, says this new ad from Danish butter brand Lurpak and Wieden + Kennedy London. 

The remarkable 60-second spot argues that foodies should get off the couch, stop liking things on Instagram and reading cookbooks, and actually do the hard work involved in real cooking. And, oh yeah, use Lurpak butter while doing so. 

The camera doesn't shy away from showing all the difficulty that goes into cooking—tears from cutting onions, sweating from pounding crab, having to thoroughly clean fish, etc. But instead of being overwhelmed, the viewer is meant to be, and honestly probably is, inspired. 

The agency came up with new ad after finding out that British consumers aren't cooking as much but are consuming more food media than ever. Why do the work when you can just order food and watch someone else do it, living vicariously through them?

Lurpak and W+K argue that you'll feel much more satiated if you just get up off the couch and cook. 

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.
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