Foster’s Embraces a Male Rugby Cheerleader and the Tagline ‘Why the Hell Not?’

New ad from adam&eveDDB

Adam&eveDDB and Glue Society director Gary Freedman made this British spot for Australia's Foster's beer about, of all things, a male rugby cheerleader. The ad is part of a growing trend of faux-documentary ads about people with quirky jobs, though it's also a throwback to '80s- and '90s-style beer ads. (The beer commercial may be the last safe-ish haven for gender jokes like this.)

The male cheerleader here isn't all that weird, even though he looks like Jack Black's trash-eating hobo cousin, but he has to put up with ridicule from his parents and unceasing awkwardness at work as the only dude on a cheerleading team full of women. His uniform chafes, too. Still, he has found success on his own terms, and is functional enough to drink in a bar with other normal humans. The "He's one of us" tone is essential to ads like these.

The most noteworthy thing here, aside from the cheerleader's Zoolander-esque uniform, is Foster's new slogan, "Why the hell not?," which seems a trifle fatalistic for a consumer product. They might as well snipe from Hot Shots and go with "Foster's: No one lives forever." David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.
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