Fusion Posts ’20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work at BuzzFeed,’ Then Freaks Out and Backtracks

Video wasn't so LOL-worthy after all

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Right in the middle of the #Blizzardof2015 brouhaha on Monday, Fusion quietly dropped a glove-slap of a video making fun of BuzzFeed—prompting a mini storm on Twitter.

At around 5 p.m. Monday, as many in New York City fled for home, Fusion posted a video titled "20 Reasons You Shouldn't Work At BuzzFeed"—which quickly made the rounds.

The animated short, which was meant to be a preview of a new show called Like, Share, Die, features a room full of BuzzFeed's iconic stickers come to life and being berated by their boss, a moustachioed red "viral uplift" badge. He drones on and on about clickbait and lists, even taking jabs at other media outlets.

"Clicks, clicks—we need clicks—and we need clicks NOW!" he yells. "If we're not constantly getting more clicks, then we might as well be Digg.com. Remember them? I didn't think so!"

Even if there's probably some truth in the depiction, it still felt like a cheap shot at a rival company with a similar audience. On second watch, it reads like a roast—except for the part where the roastee gets to laugh and fire back.

In any case, it was met with a blizzard of derision from almost everybody. And oddly enough, even Fusion ended up backtracking—changing the title of the video to "A Day in the Life of BuzzFeed?" and posting the following explanation:

Check out some of the tweets below, and let this be a cautionary tale to media companies thinking of making weirdly jealous, unfunny attacks on rivals in hopes of scoring a viral hit. 

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