GameSpot editor pans advertiser, loses job

Video-game journalists are buzzing over the reported firing of GameSpot editorial director Jeff Gerstmann, who panned a new release being heavily advertised on the site. You can still read the text version of his Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review on GameSpot, but Gerstmann’s take-no-prisoners video review was apparently pulled (and promptly dug up on YouTube). To be fair, I should mention that GameSpot, owned by CNET Networks, has also taken down its massive front-page ads for the game. Hey, maybe it really is just a coincidence. Maybe Gerstmann was stealing office supplies. Maybe he was taking bribes from Joe Lieberman. Or maybe, just maybe, the simplest answer is the right one. UPDATE: CNET’s crack PR team has attempted to clarify things, but failed. 

—Posted by David Griner

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