Getting Insurance Shouldn’t Be Like Dealing With a Hideous Pig-Faced Bathtub Monster

So says Beacon Street ad

This lunatic British ad admits dealing with life insurance can be "a bit of a nightmare." How much of a nightmare? It feels like having your nice bubble bath interrupted by a screaming pig-faced beast who sprays you with tap water and beans you with you own rubber ducky.

Frankly, the anti-bubble-bath sentiment expressed by that thing is offensive to me. Don't bath-shame, ugly.

Fortunately, the beast has some kind of heart attack or asthmatic seizure, and—well, just watch for yourself. I haven't exactly worked out the details, which is OK, because I don't think the agency creatives that made this hurt themselves thinking about them, either.

Credits below.


Client: Beagle Street

Managing Director: Matthew Gledhill

Agency: The Corner London                              

Creative Director: Tom Ewart                    

Copywriter: Robert Amstell                       

Art Director: Matthew Lancod                                  

Planning Director: Neil Hourston

Planner: Ollie Gilmore                                                  

Business Director: Fleur Andrews                           

Account Director: Tenzin Pooch               

Agency Producer: Daisy Mellors

Assistant Producer: Lauren Gray                             

Media Company: MEC                                  

Production Company: Colonel Blimp                     

Director: David Wilson

Production Company Producer: Sam Levene                                                     

Editor: Max Windows at Stitch

Postproduction House: Finish                                                  

Postproduction Producer: Fi Kilroe

Audio Postproduction: Sam Ashwell at 750mph      
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