A Globe-Spanning Gift Was Secretly in Store for This London Bar Packed With Canadians

Air Canada buys everyone a round to remember

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Wherever you travel around the world, you'll always find Canadians gathering together, sharing stories and racking up an impressive bar tab. But this batch was especially lucky.

Last week, Air Canada dropped by "Canada Night" at London's Maple Leaf pub to surprise a bustling crowd of ex-pats with a holiday gift they certainly couldn't have expected.

Organized by agency JWT Canada, the stunt took place Nov. 27 and sparked some fantastic, emotional responses from the unsuspecting Canadians who'd gathered together that night. And while these holiday videos often feel staged, everything from the crappy handheld camerawork to the off-key anthem singing make it clear that this one's legit.


Agency: JWT Canada

Chief Creative and Integration Officer: Brent Choi

Vice President, Creative Director: Gary Westgate

Vice President, Associate Creative Director: Don Saynor

Vice President, Integrated Broadcast: Andrew Schulze

Art Director: Alex Newman

Copywriter: Patrice Pollack

Producer: Caroline Clark

Brand Engagement Director: Victoria Radziunas

Account Team: Scott Miskie, Gavin Wiggins, Lindsay Hill

Client Team: Craig Landry, Selma Filali, Dani Bastien, Annie Couture, John Xydous

Production Company: The Solidarity Union; Soft Citizen

Executive Producer: Rob Burns

Director: Shaun Anderson

Producer: John Scarth

Director of Photography: Byron Kopman

Editing House: School Editing

Editors: Chris Van Dyke, Brian Wells

Assistant Editors: Mark Lutterman, Nicole Sison, Steve Puhach, Drew MacLeod, Lauren Piche

Editorial Producer: Sarah Brooks

Online: Fort York VFX

Audio: TA2

Audio Director: Steve Gadsden

Media Agency: Mindshare

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