Go Behind the Scenes of Adweek’s Cover Shoot With Alex Morgan

It took teamwork to create images as powerful as the soccer superstar and pay-equity activist

Alex Morgan, co-captain of the USA Women's Soccer team and this year's Silver Boot winner. Photo by Mary Beth Koeth for Adweek. Styling by Mila Gonzalez Kastari. Hair and makeup by Christina Cherbonner and Karla Serrano.

I came to Adweek at the beginning of March, and three days into my new position as photo editor, I worked on my first cover shoot: Alex Morgan, co-captain of the U.S. soccer team, which, a day before publication, brought home the World Cup. To prepare, I scoured endless Google Images searches of her to see where she had been photographed, how and by whom. There was a common theme: soccer uniform, smiling, swimsuit, approachable, sexy, etc.

@kacyburdette kacy.burdette@adweek.com Kacy Burdette is a photo editor at Adweek.